Project Overview:

-Digital Deployment contacted us in need of a dynamic video that would showcase the companies unique culture. They wanted their website visitors to get a better feel of what it would be like to work with them.


-Video for Home Page
-About Page Employee Photos
-Static Photo for Mobile Website Homepage

                    We are excited to have the privilege to work with the fantastic team at Digital Deployment. They are a top tier web development company located in Sacramento, CA.

They approached us looking to take new employee headshots for their ‘about section’ on their website. During the exploration process we discovered Digital Deployment would like to incorporate an atmospheric video at the top of their landing page. Josiah was happy to incorporate this request into in project and completely knocked it out of the park.

Digital Deployment has used traditional uniform headshots in the past using the same background for each team member. We agreed that a uniform look is important but we wanted to capture each team member to show their individuality. After a solid brainstorming session we decided that each person should have their own photo shoot in a unique location highlighting the company home, downtown Sac.

We are thrilled with this project came out and we can’t wait to work with Digital Deployment in the near future.

Photography and Video by: Josiah Velasquez


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